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{{answer_39594127}}, we're going to see how you rank on the introvertographer scale. Ready to go?

Do you feel drained after a photo session?

Before a session at a certain location, you drive by or scout it out multiple times to make sure you have formulated a plan for how the session will go.

How would you describe the amount of research you do before making business decisions?

A networking event is coming up and you know you can make some great connections. You will likely go, but how many excuses will you make up in your head beforehand for why you can't go?

You have been told before that you are too quiet or that you need to come out of your shell

What is your ideal work environment?

On a scale of 1-10, at large social gatherings (weddings, parties, conferences etc...) how many times will you escape to the bathroom, just to be alone?

In meetings with more than 4 people how often do you feel like you have valuable things to say or contribute, but someone else always seems to say it first?

Okey dokey, {{answer_39594127}}! Let's find out if you might be an introvertographer!

Do you feel drained after a photo session?
Being an introvert has more to do with energy levels and stimulation rather than being shy or not liking people. If you feel drained after periods of time where you are around a lot of people or have a lot of stimulating conversation or activity, you are likely an introvert.

Scouting Locations
Checking out locations multiple time prior to the session is a good indicator that you are an introvert. Introverts tend to NOT like surprises or situations that overstimulate them and they combat this by attempting to be prepared as much as possible beforehand.

Researching decisions...

Introverts are more likely to do LOTS of research about things before making a firm decision. They need to feel confident in their choice and able to explain why they made their choice if asked. Extroverts feel more comfortable with ambiguity and explaining things on the fly. 


Ahhhh the dreaded networking. Introverts get a bad rap for not liking networking, but it is often not because they don't like being around people. Introverts tend to like structured or guided conversation instead of making small talk or chit chat with people. They tend to be deep thinkers and want to have deeper more meaningful conversations with one person as opposed to "working the room" and figuring out how to navigate lots of different personalities. This is very overstimulating and draining for introverts.

Come out of your shell

This is often how introverts are described. Introverts are internal processors instead of externally processing everything that comes to mind. In today's society, external processing tends to be more valued or rewarded so those who are internally processing are viewed as too quiet or needing to express themselves more externally

Work environment

Introverts are more sensitive to stimulation so they tend to like quieter environments without lots of distractions. Places like coffee shops can be very desirable for introverts because there is still activity, but it is not directly affecting you or your work.

Hiding in the bathroom

Introverts often enjoy social gatherings but they still need a little down time here and there to recharge their batteries. Constant interaction with others (while fun) is also draining. The bathroom is the best place to have a little alone time in the midst of chaos.

Talking in meetings

This is a common issue with introverts/extroverts. Extroverts feel very comfortable externally processing (talking about everything they are thinking) so they will usually monopolize the conversation without even realizing it. Introverts are often processing everything that is being said and by the time they have formulated what they feel is something valuable to provide to the conversation, the moment has passed.

Alright {{answer_39594127}} based on your answers above you should be able to assess pretty quickly if you are an Introvertographer. Keep in mind, being an introvert AND a photographer can be tough, but its not impossible. We just have to approach our business a little differently and learn to utilize our strengths to grow our business in ways that work best with our personality. I look forward to seeing you on to join in on the conversation!

All done now! How much did you enjoy this quiz, {{answer_39594127}}?

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